The Strategic Choice of LPG in Chemical, Rubber, and Plastic Industries

It is said that LPG or Liquid Petroleum Gas was discovered by Dr. Walter Snelling more than 110 years ago, and ever since its discovery, the fuel began to be so widely used in a variety of applications. LPG has high calorific value, and hence can be used widely in industrial, domestic and commercial applications. This means that LPG is successfully powering industries because of its energy intensive nature. With the right LPG gas supplier in Dubai, you can make manufacturing and production processes faster and more efficiently. It has evolved to be one of the most sought after raw materials in many industries.

The LPG gas supplier in Dubai will be able to provide you with whatever you need.  Have a look at the multiple applications of LPG in these industries:

  • Drying through humidifiers and ovens

 Drying is a crucial element in the plastic and rubber industry and this process is employed in different manufacturing stages. They use equipments like Desiccant humidifiers and Industrial ovens in these industries for various applications. The humidifiers are needed to produce cool air and remove excess moisture while the ovens are used in paint baking and burnout. LPG is used for the seed drying industry too, especially in hybrid farming with high quality seeds. The freshly extracted seeds will be used in the dehumidifier, also powered by LPG.

  • In chemical production

In the chemical production industry, LPG will be converted to petrochemical gasses like propylene, butylene, ethylene,  butadiene, etc. through a separation process. in the production of synthetic plastics, rubbers, and fibers. LPG is used as a fuel for process heating, drying of chemicals and roasting for pharmaceutical, explosive, and dying industries.     

  • For incinerators in the healthcare industry

Hospitals produce a huge amount of bio-medical waste every week, and proper disposal of this is very important. The waste incineration is done through LPG fuel. It is also used to fumigation units and power laundry equipment. LPG is also used in patient wards for heating or boiling water for refrigeration and lighting purposes.

  • Precision in the plastic industry

You might be aware that plastic is made through a process of polymerisation of chemicals. This calls for highly accurate levels of precision in the bonding and breaking of carbon. LPG is thus used widely in the plastic industry, mainly to mold the shape of plastic objects like bottles, containers and storage tanks.

  • Steam generation in the rubber industry

The rubber industry runs a process known as steam generation, and this is powdered through the help of LPG. LPG is used in autoclaves, curing presses and heat feed mixers. It helps manufacturers to come up with different quality rubber products, right from erasers to Formula1 tires.


LPG facilitates higher productivity and lower maintenance for manufacturing industries. These are a couple of reasons why cooking gas suppliers use the fuel for both commercial and residential supplies as well. Both the demand and supply chain is expanding for this, and Roza Gas aims to fulfill requirements in a highly professional manner.

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